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  • First Service

This is the first inspection service usually carried out on vehicles from Elizade Nigeria limited at 100km or 1 month (whichever comes first). This service is absolutely important for our customers new vehicles. It is absolutely free!

  • Routine or Quick Service

This is a routine maintenance service that includes replacement of service items required depending on the mileage. Items like engine oil and oil filter, brake pads, spark plugs etc. are expected to be checked and changed depending on their conditions. This service is done in series of 5,000 kilometres or at 3 months interval, whichever comes first.

  • Preventive (Paid or Periodic) Maintenance Service

This is the periodic maintenance and/or repair required to correct malfunctions which could result to major breakdown they include the replacement of noisy shock absorbers, engine vibration caused by failed engine seat etc.

  • Annual Maintenance Service

This is a major service carried out on vehicle where certain components needs to be replaced as recommended by manufacturers service menu irrespective of whether or not the items have started failing. Examples include the fan belt, Timing belt, Wiper etc.

  • Major Repairs (Running Repairs)

Running Repairs involve replacement or overhaul of engines and (or) transmission systems of a Vehicle which cannot be handled at our satellite and mobile workshops because of special tools and equipment required.

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