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  • Body Work, Repairs and Painting

The Body and paint Repair section is equipped with the state of the art tools and equipment to keep our customers vehicle at all times in Show room state.

The following are involve in the Body shop Repairs operations:

  •  Accident Repair:

This is the restoration of the customer’s vehicle back to its original state before the accident.

This process involves:

i. Panel Beating of Dents/damages or replacement of parts damaged by accidents

ii. Painting with Toyota-approved colours. Our body shop is equipped with a digital colour Mixer capable of reproducing the customer’s car/vehicle colour type based on the colour code which is always inscribed on the customer’s vehicle.

iii. Wait and get panel beating service for minor dents using the miracle Dent Repair Equipment. This type of service is now available in Ogba, Lagos; Abuja and Port Harcourt. The repair process may not involve re-spraying the spot; it all depends on the nature of the minor dent

iv. Oven-baking of the vehicle after spraying in the spray booth to ensure the longevity and permanence of the colour on our customers’ car/vehicle

  • Dash Board Repair/Replacement

Cracked dashboard can either be repaired or replaced by our Body shop depending on Customers request or extent of damage with the same leather/fabric to give the cracked dashboard a new and befitting look

  • Dashboard Polishing

An existing dashboard that is fast fading can be restored to its glittering look through thorough polishing and Body shop to improve the cars’ aesthetics.

  • Upholstery Replacement/Rejuvenation

The customers vehicle upholstery can be replaced, repaired, washed, polished etc. to give it a befitting and sparkling look.

  • Colour Change

Our customers can have the whole body of their cars re-sprayed to a preferred colour if the current colour is no longer appealing

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