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Our Company

It is our pleasure to extend to you a warm welcome as a new member of ELIZADE NIGERIA LIMITED (ENL). ENL is the leading automobile sales private company in Nigeria dealing mainly in tropicalized Toyota Brands.






To be the leading world class business enterprise in the auto industry.


To build an Organization that thrives s on the acquisition of knowledge to maintain a constant but creative change in employee skills and attitude, business systems and processes , organizational structure and culture, and business resources to create a truly living and evolving organization.

Our mission shall aim to achieve:


* Customer Service excellence


* Product and service innovation


* Value added service

* Development and maintenance of Entrepreneurial spirit in employees, which will lead to increased job satisfaction and the creation of new businesses and processes.


 * Leadership and attitude to work

* Initiative and innovation in meeting challenges

* Teamwork and Team building ability

* Discipline

* Communication skills

* Integrity

* Loyalty


 ENL believes that people are the most important resource available if the company is to run smoothly and achieve its objectives most efficiently. We therefore go through great pains not only to recruit the best people available in the labour market, but also to train, develop, motivate, empower as well as provide possibilities for them.

At ENL, we strongly believe in the boundless possibilities offered by the Nigerian Nation. As a sign of our commitment and belief, we provide an enabling environment that allows our people to grow and exploit their potentials to the utmost. We empower them to create possibilities not only for themselves and the company but also for the Nigerian nation.

We provide an environment where competence, efficiency and merit shall be the standard in all our operations. We are an equal opportunity employer providing possibilities to all, irrespective of nationality, race, tribe, religion or gender.

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