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Mobile Workshop

The Mobile Workshop
Our mobile Van and Technicians (the mobile Workshop) will visit the fleet owner or corporate Customer at a pre-arranged time and venue to carry out routine service of the vehicles at no extra cost to the customer. Other repair outside routine service would be referred to our main workshops for attention. A minimum of 5 vehicles will qualify for visit. A fleet customer who intends to enjoy this service should please call our appointment desk or customer care line 01-7949496 for more information on this value-added service. The mobile workshop has the following benefit:

. it saves you time, no official bureaucracy associated with bigger workshops.
. it save the cost of the fuel that should have been used in taking the vehicle to our main workshop.
. it also in addition, eliminates the risk attendant to driving such vehicles from the customer’s place to our main workshop.
. you also have the confidence that competent Toyota-trained technicians are the ones handling or managing your vehicles.
. it releases your personnel (drivers) to face other official responsibilities .
. it is convenient.
. your warranty remains intact.

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